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Wow! Life is great! A view of my bank statement just brings me to joyful tears! I see expenses are kept low and my savings account looks pretty darn good! I always have multiple streams of income. My bank statement shows where my settlement check cleared the bank. I will thank the company tomorrow!

The love of my life is so sweet. He is open with his feelings and communicate them to me. We love and deserve each other. Our dates are intriguing, fun, and romantic. I love the way he stares deeply into my eyes and says, “I love you.”

I am also enjoying my newly-adopted puppy. We decided to name her Abbie (or Charm). She is sooo precious and healthy! I am enjoying her company and the family loves her!

Way to go :)

I am super duper excited! Today, I have a date with the man in my life! What a romantic lunch! I am so surprised he asked me out on the spur of the moment! Love is near! Also, I have to quickly make choices in regards to my many current job offers. All the jobs pay over $40k/yr. Wow! Everything is going so great!

Feeling great!


All is sooooo well today! I am happy and healthy. I am making wise choices regarding my diet and healthy lifestyle. I surround myself with positive people and happy thoughts. People like me and think highly of me.

My bank account is over-flowing. I attract money. I have several streams of steady income. I am love and positivity. I cherish myself. My life partner loves me.

Progress :)

I am so excited. I finally got the apartment looking just the way I want it. It took only a short period of time! The water-view from my bedroom looks amazing! I can hear the waves crash against the shore at night.

I am so glad that the parties in my settlement are highly cooperative! The lawyer says to expect the money in my account today! I am so excited!

Lunch was so fun today with my sweetheart!  He enjoys seeing me and continues to visit me at home and at work. He has great feelings about me and protects me. All is well with him and me.

Good news :)

I am so happy and grateful now that I have my settlement in my checking account. I only put into my checking account the amount I need to use. I put the rest in savings. All looks great financially! I also have 4 job interviews scheduled for September. Employers are eager to hire me and pay me $40,000 per year.

Sales continue to climb this month at CATS. Clients are just walking through the door paying for our services. Other clients are calling nationwide for services as well. We are making money hand-over-fist.

I deserve and now have ever-lasting TRUE love. I enjoy the feeling I now have due to seeing my “life partner” over lunch. Our relationship is headed toward serious commitment. My life partner mentions traveling together very soon. I am so happy to spend one-on-one time with him – quality time getting to know each other deeply. We are so HAPPY when we are together.


Work is good!

Sales are through the roof this month at Confident Accounting and Tax Service! My boss is VERY proud of me. This is a record-breaking month for sales. Clients continue to call the office in need of tax return preparation and the clients are more than eager to pay us. Referrals are also coming in because we do a great job! My reward is a bonus.

I am also very happy because my attorney says my settlement is final. The settlement check clears the bank today! Boy, I am happy with the amount! The money allows me to afford great things while I am job-searching. After I get my new job, I am happy to save the remainder.

Love is still in the air! I see my “life partner” today. I am happy to see him because I know he comes bearing great news! All is nice!!!

Everything is moving along so nicely! To…

Everything is moving along so nicely! Today, just gets better and better! My boss says she is recommending me for employee of the month. I easily take advantage of career advancements. My bank account is OVER-FLOWING with money. Individuals who have tax-related issues seek me out for my expertise. I maintain a stellar reputation.

I am decorating my new water-view apartment today too. I have more than enough money to buy furnishings. I am decorating with gold, teal, and fuchsia colors.

I am still feeling all the love from this morning! My “life partner” finally confesses he is in love with me and wants to move further in a relationship with me. I am so grateful for everything!

Super Duper Happy:) I feel so Blessed! I…

Super Duper Happy:)

I feel so Blessed! I love my new career as an accountant. My new job pays over $40,000 per year. My co-workers are soooo friendly and pleasant to be around! My boss gives me compliments on my ideas to launch new projects all the time!

I check my bank account regularly. Wow! I do a really great job at managing my income. I make over $40,000 per year with my new career and then an extra $20,000 per year as a self-employed tax preparer. Streams of income always find me.

Also, today brought about pure love 🙂 My “life partner” and I are discussing starting a committed relationship with each other. We are happy and deserve each others love ♥