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I had an interesting conversation with c…

I had an interesting conversation with co-workers today at lunch. They were lamenting the state of the world, and their lives in general. I piped up and said the last two years have been the best of my life!

I only became aware of LoA this year, but two years ago, I started attracting people in my life who’s values aligned with me, and as a result, I felt like I had a purpose. They inspired me, and my confidence thrived! I started loving every aspect of my life. I started owning my feelings and letting go of attachment.

Now I thoroughly believe great things will happen for me. I’m “lucky”. Everything I touch seems to “work out”. I’m not worried about the upcoming eclipses. I’m not worried about my future. I know the universe will take care of me. This is a huge difference from the past. Even when something happens that worries other people (like my boss being let go), I know I’ll end up in a better place.

My wish is for everyone to feel this kind of peace and joy!