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The Tax Man Loves Me

The Tax Man and I have had a love hate relationship over the years 🙂 Now that I have this fabulous thriving successful business, the Tax Man has changed his tune. He paid me a visit today with a large beautiful bouqet of 2-dozen roses and box of Sees Candy! He gave me a huge bear hug, kissed me on the forehead and wished me incredible success. He told me that he had the ultimate faith in my success. As he turned to leave, he left an envelope on my desk, tipped his hat and gave me a last wink. After, catching mybreath, I opened the envelope and there it was … a stack of hundred bills … cold hard cash 🙂

So the Tax Man loves me and now I love him 😉

Income ceiling disappears into thin air!

I have been playing and having fun with my clients every day since launching my new business. I have more clients joining my playground every week! I AM loving it. It’s so much fun to help them grow their business with admin support, product development, book doctoring and being their Creative Fairy Godmother. There is no end to the fun, laughter, inspiration and good times in my day! Like it! LOVE IT!

Here’s the best part. I looked at my bank balance this morning and yup, I doubled my income. I didn’t know how it happened so I looked back at my calendar. For the last few months, all I saw were play dates scheduled with my clients. Then I looked over the next couple of months and realized that the number of play dates increased by 50% and I AM on target to triple my income at the end of the next quarter!

I leaned back in my chair, looked up and guess what … there was no ceiling! It had vanished into thin air! WOOT WOOT!

What people are saying about me ;)

I just checked my inbox and there was an email from a woman named Susan who wanted to talk to me about my VA services. I didn’t know this person but the email didn’t look like spam so I opened it. Apparently, she heard about how wonderful I was from my super fabulous client Sony. I LOVE this kind of gossip!

When I finished replying to Susan, there was another new email in my box. This one was from a man named Ted. He was interested in hiring me to do some work with him for his business and heard about how fabulous I was from my other fantabulous client Candye!  Now, this email from Ted is making me do cartwheels on the inside. He wants to keep me on retainer for double my going rate!

I love where this is all going so go ahead and talk about me behind my back 🙂

This is too much fun to be called work!

I AM so loving working with my new clients.  Scratch that … I AM having so much fun playing with my new clients! I AM really connecting with them. I love how they are seeking me out, contacting me to create fabulous and fun working relationships. In fact, my perfect clients are banging down the door, getting in line to play with me! I love how the appreciation flows between me and my clients. It’s a pleasure to get up and make my “long” commute to my home office 🙂

How can it get any better than this???

More and more clients!

After creating a few support packages for my first client to offer to her clients, my inbox has been overflowing with requests from people to work with me. Not only AM I doing traditional VA support for them but I AM also getting paid to write for them as a ghostwriter. I love how the Big U continues to knock my socks off!! Of course, it was no surprise to me that I quadrupled my income in just a few months!

I AM a 7-Figure Business Owner and Entrepreneur!

Amazing new house in Carson

We just signed a lease on the most amazing house in Carson City. It’s a quick drive to the school where Hubby works.  Of course my commute to work is only a few feet to my HOME OFFICE! The view from my office window is a mountain paradise! The house has a huge fenced in backyard for my baby Holly and our new puppy. I have decorated our home with such care and extra creativity that everyone who visits feels so welcome and at home. Even Hubby loves to come home after work and feels so rested and relaxed when at home. The kitchen is a chef’s dream and inspires me to create the most delicious and healthy meals! I love our new home! 


An ideal day

Wake up – no alarm

Morning pages




Doggie time

GVU time

Play with clients

Writing time

Cooking a fabulous dinner

Eating dinner with my husband

Great dinner conversation with my husband

Movie time with my husband

Fun behind closed doors

Blissful sleep


2-Weeks Notice

Dear Bill:

I AM happy to offer my letter of resignation and two weeks notice. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team but now it’s time to move on and live my life on my terms. 

I’ll send you a postcard from Lake Tahoe!

With much appreciation!


My official VA company, website and blog

I love my new VA website and blog. I feel like a financial district professional only in yoga pants and a comfy tee. I guess other people agree since I now have five new clients and I have another five on deck. It was great to hand in my two weeks notice at my casino job! I now make double as a fulltime VA and making triple is on the horizon next quarter. WOOT WOOT!

Today, I signed a contract for my servic…

Today, I signed a contract for my services as a Product Developer and Seminar/Workshop Coordinator! I AM loving my 7-Figure business and the best part…it’s so much fun. I don’t even consider it work. I AM playing every day! Oh and there was a check in my mailbox for $12,000 for the completion of my last project. WOOT WOOT!

We found the perfect house in Carson City!

The moment that my husband accepted the job at the charter school in Carson City, I started looking for the perfect house for us. Well, it took less than 24 hours. It’s perfect! Three beautiful bedrooms which means I have an office/meditation/yoga room. A kitchen with a separate dining area so that we can sit down and eat our meals together. A large fenced backyard so my doggies have room to move and relax and there is an area for a garden! We have a 2-car garage so our cars have a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. The laundry room is the best and I actually want to do laundry. And of course, the master bathroom! It is spacious and has a relaxing soaking tub! Our living room is very homey and our friends and family love coming over to hang out with us! I love our new home! Pictures to follow! =)

Book and product sales thru the roof!

WOO HOO! Today I sold over $9800 in books and products today! People were banging down my door to purchase my books and products before I was even open for business! I AM thrilled that the books and products I have to offer the world are in such high demand. It warms my heart to know that I AM fulfilling my purpose in this lifetime!

WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM a professional writer!

I AM a professional writer. I spend my days in my home office, writing articles and copy for clients as well as working on my novels and short stories. I LOVE my life as a writer! I LOVE working from home! I LOVE working with wonderful like-minded people!

I AM the master storyteller!