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the universe has favored me

I woke up this morning and had an epiphany I am a wonderfully manifesting, successful, health, beautiful woman with an amazing loving attentive handsome husband and four wonderfully talented kids who amaze me with there intelligence every time I turn around we have a great connection and a loving family bond we all recently bought our dream 5 bedroom 4 bathroom 2,700 square foot home on 1 acre of land with a backyard retreat and  spectacular cascading swimming pool, the kitchen oh my lord amazing, i finally chose a location to set up business and i have all the décor and equipment together and my online sales for my other business are through the roof we have created a lavish and luxurious life and i am truly blessed, ready and open to the great things the universe has provided for me and will continue to provide.

I increase the vibration of my energy to extend out  to you all manifesting your dreams and desires so that your vibe may increase and get stronger to open you up to achieve your dreams. a group energy is a powerful energy please extend it back fellow creators.