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Date: July 9, 2008; 4 pm Eastern. Wow! …

Date: July 9, 2008; 4 pm Eastern.

Wow! What a wonderful day. I had a couple of radio shows and did the bonus class for the Money Mojo Magic class.

I love how I went into Zen mode yesterday and just knew that today would unfold beautifully. The radio shows went fabulous and we had large audiences.

The bonus class was amazing! Boy, I love teaching. There were tons of people on the call and the technology went flawlessly. I love talkshoe. It is always a joy to get on the calls there.

I am pretty impressed with myself. I entered into a space of love before the call started and I poured love out of my heart for the attendees on the call. I love how I do that. I really do. My knowledge was wonderful but what was even more amazing was my intuition. I could tell where the audience wanted to go and I went there with them.

What a wonderful group of people on the call. The energy was so clean and open. They were open to what I had to say and they received it. I enjoyed everyone’s energy. The audience opened up and asked questions and the questions that were asked ended up helping everyone.

I love the feedback I got after the class.

“Iyabo, this is stuff that we needed to hear.”
“Iyabo, you hit the head on a couple of missing links.”
“Iyabo, just entering into your space of love and acceptance helped me look at my money vibe.”
“Iyabo, I am feeling a shift already.”
“What else are you offering?”
“Iyabo, you bring a different perspective to some of what we already know and it helps us learn it even better.”

I love when I talked about my Discover your Inner Genius class, that people were interested and eager to find out more.

Now, on to take lessons learned and apply them to my class.

I love how this was before my class so I could get in a high energy vibe for my class.

Thanks Money Mojo Magic members. I am so honored to be in your presence.

You guys rock!

Inner Genius Teleclass

I am teaching a five week teleclass on Discover your Inner Genius starting July 7th at 2 pm Eastern.

The preview class is on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009.

I love the downstream feeling I am having about all this. I am in the vortex. I am in the flow of powerful information and experiences that are already making this  class a phenomenal success.

For the preview call, I have been using my new “smoothing” tool to gain greater alignment with what I want. It is an amazing process. I love how I have gotten such trmendous supernatural downloads of information, epiphanies and connections. You know when serendipity happens, life is so good. It is Universe’s wink that seduces you to glide downwards on the stream.

I really am happy about this class. The number of people I wanted on the preview call all signed up. I deliver such great value on the preview call that the attendees all sign up easily. They tell everyone they know about it and it spreads  like wildfire. The class itself enrolls the perfect number of geniuses that I want.

I am on my game. I handle questions easily and effortlessly. The right words come out of my mouth at the right times. The words that come out of my mouth have that flow that I sometimes get where the spiritual downloads by pass my brain and flow out of my lips elegantly and gracefully, putting words together in a way that I could never have put together. I love being in that that flow. I experience it in the preview call and on all the five classes and with each of the geniuses that I will be coaching.

I love my attendees to the class. They are amazing men and women who are truly seeking for answers. They are geniuses. They love that they have value and want to find more ways to express it. The information they learn on the call is absolutely empowering. Their hearts open up to change and they experience true love in the class. The class is safe for each member. It is nurturing. It is a cozy learning environment and my learners know that I am the expert and they enjoy that.

Each participant actively participates in the class and it is life changing for each person.

We also have a lot of fun on the call and lots of laughter.

Technology supports me throughout the process from the call, the chatroom, the forums, paypal, aweber and any other peice of technology that is involved including my laptop and electricity and internet connection. I love how seamlessly and easily it all flows together.

I feel so proud and rewarded for the amount of income I generate from this class. I feel bold and courageous in stepping out and supporting my role as a coach in offering this class to complete strangers.

I learn from my students and I am even more focused on what other classes to teach as a result of teaching this teleseries.

I love how my subscriber list quadruples as a result of putting this class out there. Each of my subscribers are geniuses as well.

Ahhhh. I love my genius community.


I made a huge decision today!

O boy, this is kind of hard to say. I hired a bookkeeper today!. I cannot keep track of all the sources of revenue that are coming in. I have this thing with numbers. I do not like paying too much attention to the details of counting them but I do like the deposits in my account. It felt weird giving up control of my money like that but I know she is a great book keeper.

Let me give you some back ground information.

When I was writing my book on the Inner Genius, I received what I call supernatural downloads. They were awesome. The stuff came together in a way that I never could have imagined so I know it was not all me. I know it was from supernatural downloads and when I finally finished the book, I really felt pleased and secretly proud.

Well, just last month, Wayne Dyer and I did a recording for public TV where he asks me questions about my book and we exchanged ideas. Well, this gave me so exposure and now, people are buying my book from my site, online, from amazon, ebay, Barnes and Noble and Books a million and a slew of other places.

And people are demanding my coaching programs. So here I am having to scramble to put a class together.

You know, it is a totally different feel from my first class. Now I can pay an assistant to put it togther whereas when I did my first class, I had to do it all myself.  Gosh, I feel so wonderful that I have found the perfect support system to help me with the coaching process and the book process and my book keeper is all part of the wonderful support.

I love how she prepares these little reports that show you all the income and expenses and taxes and all that good stuff.

Now, I feel like a grown up.

I have someone else counting my money and telling me all about it.

Phew! It feels good.


P.S. The really great thing is how much choice and freedom the money brings!

I love money! I am so impressed with m…

I love money!

I am so impressed with myself. I have mastered the art of loving money. I have a wonderful relationship with money and I enjoy my peaceful interactions with it.

I love how it is there when I want it and I never need it.

It is just there.

I enjoy showing it respect by taking good care of it.

I enjoy showing money respect by spending it on things I love and want

I enjoy sharing it with others.

I enjoy using it as a way to bless other people.

I enjoy this new found easy relationship with money.

Ahhh. It really feels good.

thank you Money for being a wonderful part of my life.


The Inner Genius Masterpeice

I love my first written product for sale. I am in awe of this product. It came together so easily. I finally got a full picture in my head and it came together easily.

It reads so well. I enjoyed formatting it and laying it out. The title came to me via inspiration. The cover work is gorgeous and boy, I am so proud of myself.

I love how I dug deep into my heart, my creativity and my brain to pull all this together.

I really love the simple principles and how they weave together.

I am so grateful that the responses I am getting are positively awesome.

Those that reviewed it loved it and saw the big picture and gave me easy suggestions that I could easily factor in.

In a snap, it was all done.

First of all, it was priced right. It sold like hotcakes from the very first day that I sold it.

Second, it is an amazing read. The reports from readers say it immediately brought them relief and raised their vibration.

They said it finally put the peices of a lot of information that they know together and it made sense.

They love what I wrote and they want more. They are already asking for my next product.

In addition, so many people are asking me to teach a class and so the class naturally falls into place.

I love that I can hold a tangible product in my hand and know that it really made the difference to someone else.

I am grateful for the experience I have had writing and putting together this product.

I am already looking forward to my next product.

A very nice aside was I did not know it was so easy to make a ton of money just from doing what I love.

I love my life as a coach. I love what I am doing.

I am so happy with myself. This is pretty amazing.

What is so cool is that I am over the whole issue of creating a product and now it feels so easy. I have already started to work on my next product. I love how I have become a lean mean product making machine, and everything I write is fresh and different and authentic.

I love empowering others to want what they want and value who they are and manifest miracles in each and every area of their lives. Yes, you can have it all!