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About Coach T.I.A

CTI trained Co-Active Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Psych-K facilitator and Law of Attraction Coach (aka Conscious Creation). Lover of Life, Live for Fun. I am VERY much inspired by fun an I know that what really gets results is taking inspired action (not just action for the sake of it). Combining these 2 aspects make for a guaranteed path to success and truly reflect my beliefs, mission, vision, work and life. I coach you to take inspired action rather than banging your head against a wall to get results. Why do it the hard way when there is a much more effective and faster way to get what we want?

Why Am I So Happy!?

My dreams came trueWhy am so full of energy and chutzpah!?
Why am I so, so, so in love?
Why am I living the life of my dreams?

WHy did it all happen overnight in the most  amazing, magical way?

Why am I floating on air and so in love with the world?

Why am I SO aligned with everything I want :D?

My life as I saw it, love, laughter, fun, happiness, friends, connection, fun times, all here now.

Why am I so trusting, happy, knowing and patient?

Why am I so peaceful with what is?

A Rollicking, Frolicking Summer of Dating Fun!!

Easy Love Manifestations Abe vid – FUN!!My Love, the Love Heart!

This is THE best summer I’ve ever had so far – lots of fun, happy, exciting times with amazing guys! Each date I go on and each guy I go out with just gets even better than the previous one!

I’m having SO much fun it’s almost illegal (yes miss J I’m finally manifesting your summer and it’s the perfect time for it!) 😀 PEople ask me HOW I’m so happy all the time and how I manage to attract such absolutely gorgeous, happy, fun, honest, spontaneous, exciting, affectionate, emotionally available, GREAT guys who are TOTALLY into me, one after the other and I say oh well, don’t you know? I asked for it!!

And at the end of summer, my lighthearted attitude towards dating and fun vibe brought THE one into my life 🙂 JUST as I knew it would. ALL this fun AND my dream man to boot – it doesn’t get any better than this. Oh yeah.

WOOHOOO Thanks Universe!! LOve it :D!

It’s All Happening Now!

Love Love Love!My perfect life, my dream come true!! My gorgeous, romantic, sexy, amazing husband who makes me happier than I could ever have imagined, my beautiful 5 bedroom house where we host BBQ`s and summer parties filled with laughter, fun, hula hoops, slip n slides, balloon games, great food, awesome music and amaazinggggggggg friends!

Love abounds, abundance everywhere. In the green of the trees, the big band music playing on the super new music system my darling got us as a surprise, people dancing, smiling, enjoying it – we love summer!!

And winter rocks as hard with the warm glowy fireplace making me glad to be indoors on a cold snowy day. I remember this time when I was about to finish my hot chocolate with delicious chocolate whipped cream (yummmmmmmuyyyyyyyyyy!) my sweetheart comes rushing in, grabs me, lifts me up and runs towards the door. I`m squealing and laughing cos I know what`s comin next but uh oh too late!

Within seconds we are outdoors and having a snowball fight. I think I got the trees a lot cos I can`t hit straight but I DID get him in the noggine bwahahaha THAT`ll teach him! 😀

Summer or winter, he makes my heart sing. My life rock. My joy ninetuple (9 times double)!

Work is JUSt as I want it to be – 6 figure income, working 15 hours a week which is SO much fun I almost want to pay my clients instead!! I know I always said I love what I do but taking it to this level of sheer flow and happiness is divinity at work.

I love them, they love me, together we`re unleashing AWESOMENESS on the world!! Theirs, mine, and all the people that benefit from it! Love love love how easily, surely and FASTly it all feel into place for me.

My blog is the top favourite place for people looking for inspiration, great energy and support to make their dreams come true. I rock at helping people do that 🙂

I love the 2 new countries we visit every year and have fabulous holidays in, at this rate we`ll cover the entire planet by the time we`re old and gray. Holidays with girfriends once a year, with my family the other time. Did I mention how many close, loving, connected friendships I have in my life!! I used to dream of this amazing life..

As soon as I started reading Gregg Braden`s Spontaneous Healing of Belief I know my world was mine. One belief at a time 😀

So be it! Universe, admit it, I`m your favourite aren`t I *teehee* shhh I won`t tell anyone!!! 😉

Magic. Now.

I intend and deserve more from life. more smiles. more passion. more excitement. more adventure. more travel. more abundance. more love. more happiness. more connection. more close friendships. more fun. more laughter. more success. more BIG sums of money. more perfect clients. more time and freedom. more passive income. more outrageous magical things!!

I love that the Universe recognises this and has opened the floodgates for me to receive ALL this and more. I am ready, willing and able and am in receiving mode. Look how quickly my life changed around. 100% for the better. Within DAYS. I’m adored and blessed by angels :) Thank you.

Abundance is pouring in!

….  like bees to honey, like magnets to the North Pole. And all I did to attract this abundance was just BE ME 🙂Coach T.I.A - Coaching You to Take Inspired Action!

I meet people at bus-stops, at the beach, at BBQ’s, everywhere I go, and have wonderful conversations about LOA, inspired action, being happy now etc.

They call me the Happiness Queen, the happiest person they know 😀 My aura and energy draws my perfect clients to me. I love it! It’s as easy as breathing to me.

My articles and blog posts are so inspiring that other bloggers regularly link to my posts, copy them into different languages, use them in E-books, forward them to friends (giving me full credit) and excitedly sign up for my Ezine so they can get MORE of me.

Naturally, people all over the world know me as an expert Inspired Action and LOA coach and love to talk about me all the time. Gosh, they love me and I love them.

Being a part of and winning Best Coaching Blog of 2009 contest has been phenomenal for increasing my readership, popularity and client base. More people now know of me and my website gets over 500 unique visitors daily. Numbers keep increasing every month and I’m making a real +ve difference in their lives. What a great feeling.

I’m too blessed to be stressed about anything! Love is all around me, I’m in delicious love, have an amazing social life, 10 perfect one on one clients, work 15 hours a week, earn $5000 month and am enjoying the best summer I’ve had in years..

Oooh this is summin else people, I’m telling you 😀 SUMMIN’ ELSE indeed!! And the best part? It’s just GETTING STARTED..

My life rocks!

I love, love, love how awesome my life is and how blessed I am!Coach T.I.A's Life Rocks!!

I have the most amazing people in my life who love, inspire, support and adore me and I them.

I love the close connected friendships that I share with so many awesome like minded peeps – gosh we have so much FUN esp now that summer is here. BBQ’s, hikes, concerts, dinners, dancing, festivals, beach days, walks, bike rides, DVD nights, boat cruises, slip n slide parties, sun and fun – every day is a pleasure and I wake up bouncing out of bed with the sheer joy of being alive!!

My heart beats fast in anticipation of the fabulous day I’m having, of the happiness all around me – this is surreal. This is life as it was meant to be, with every cell in my body vibrating with happiness and ALIVENESS!!

Thank you Universe, you gave me what I wanted and MORE! Every day you bring me more joy than I could think was possible. Love it!! Giggity~!