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I awoke this morning with a clear mind, …

I awoke this morning with a clear mind, a full heart and the energy of an 18 year old! I ran a mile, energized my soul with yoga and grabbed the day! I own my life! I feel wonderful about my career. I am training in a corporation that I stand behind. I am getting paid very well for my time and energy and I love my students. Going to work is like breathing for me. My body is completely healed and feels wonderful. I love having no pain in my body and being able to do all the things a working mom/wife can do and more. My relationship with Stephen grows stronger everyday and we are able to take weekend getaways, sometimes with A and sometimes without any kids. We are living in our dream house and made it beautiful. My life is so terrific and I am grateful for all the riches in it. thank you THANK YOU Thank you!!!!!

My dream has come true. I am finally wor…

My dream has come true. I am finally working and knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life and I am making great money too! I have plenty of time for my kids and Stephen and I have so much time together. We travel all over the world with our kids. I am so grateful that this job came my way. Every day I feel proud of what I do. It has meaning and joy like I have never found in my life. I have a new feeling of purpose and I have been able to pay off all of my debt!!! It feels like a miracle every day. Every breathe, every step every student taught I give thanks for the love I have in my heart. I am happy and successful. I am full of energy and healed. I feel grateful for all that I have and worked for. Working is as easy as breathing. Taking care of my children is a joy, and loving my husband is wonderful. I love to see Stephen play with our children out in the yard and by the ocean. We have a beautiful life. I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful. Thank you. thank you. Thank you!

Today is a beautiful brand new day! I am…

Today is a beautiful brand new day! I am alive with the wind blowing in my face and feeling so wonderful! I am healed. I am whole. I have no pain. My body moves easily throughout my day with ease as I care for the kids and take care of my home. I am working at my dream job and making excellent money. Every day I give thanks for the wonderful life I live. My children are happy and so successful in school. My husband is happy and making his dream come true of turning over houses and making money and people happy with the work that he is doing. I can run a mile now with ease and do yoga for an hour everyday. My body is perfect and complete. I don’t take any medication to feel painfree, I am painfree. I am heathy. I am healed. I am well and I love my body. I Love my life!


I Wake every morning feeling so healthy! I have excitment coursing through my veins the second I spring awake. My body feels so capable and energetic! I can handle any task physically with ease. Every breath I take feeds my soul and powers my movements. I have healed completely and am without any medication. Everyday is a gift that I use to the best of my abilities. Doing yoga feels so great and makes me feel centered and happy. I am grateful for each moment that comes and my kids are easy to keep up with. I love and enjoy every moment in my life. I have the ability to concentrate on all things given to me and am able to take on all different responsibilities. I am loving my life and have been given such a wonderful life! thank you! THANK YOU!

I am in full acceptance of my world. I h…

I am in full acceptance of my world. I have love and peacefulness, the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and we are prosperous. there is enough time in my day to take care of everyone’s needs and even time left over for each individual child. My body feels strong and capable. I gaze at the curves and muscles in my legs and arms. My body is free from pain and healed. There is a feeling of excitement that runs through my veins all the time. I am able to handle everything that comes my way. I am grateful for all of the joys and richness that my life is. I love my body. I love my body. I love how it works for me to gracefully and easily accomplish my everyday duties as a mom and also wife. My husband loves my body. We celebrate my health often


The spirit in my body is electric! The feeling of wellness and health is palable. I have so much energy and light inside me. getting up in the morning is so easy and envirgorating. My body is completely healed and I am pain free! the feelings of love, joy and gratitude take me through my day. Every foot step, every hand gesture is easy and livley. My body feels better than it ever has and I have only goodness radiating out of me. I no longer need medication to move and I am so gratful for that. My whole body is in synch with my world around me. Everywhere I look I am filled with joy. My children are happy and well adjusted. I am the mother I always knew I could be. I am no longer held back by my health and am fulfilling all my dreams. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! thank you for filling me with such light.

Grateful for health!

I Love waking up every morning and feeling so energetic! There is no pain or discomformt in my body and I feel wonderful! I do all of my yoga before the sun rises and breath in and feel life inside me and gratitude for how I feel. My body is no longer in pain, I am not using any medication to live, my body is fully healed and feels better than ever. I haven’t felt this great in my whole life!