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New Job

I am so thrilled that we heard back about my husband’s job that he interviewed for last week. We are happy and excited about all the changes and ready to get started. I know that our move is going to go smoothly and we’re going to be able to get the perfect house as well.

Happy Family

I cannot believe that it’s been three months now since we’ve all been together again. We have a wonderful new house, a new dog, and everything is working out great.

My husband got a wonderful new job closer to home. He’s within ten minutes of work so we’ve really been saving on gas. And he got a great salary, making more than he made at his previous jbo, and he has health benefits as well. He’s learning new things ever day and he’s really enjoying his job.

I have build my website and the traffic is growing day by day. I am also working on two books and I just had a wonderful idea for a series of short stories, so I have them on the calendar to start writing as well. My first short story that sold has been doing well in the anthology and it’s gotten very good reviews. The publisher enjoyed it so much that they have actually asked me to submit my new works to them as well to see about a publishing deal . I have a lot of projects going on but I am busy and I love it. I should be able to quit my full time job in about three years just to writ and earn an income from my website.

The best part is that our son is happiest of all. He has a great new job, he passed his GED, he just turned 18, and he has a beautiful girlfriend. She is very nice and sweet. She cares about him a lot. They share a lot of the same interests and she and I have been discussing our favorite books as well. They’ve only been dating for a little while, but he is very happy. He’s making plans to move out by the end of the year, and while that makes me sad, I am glad for him. But he’s also planning to start going to the community college as well, so that is a wonderful change of plans and I am thrilled he’s continuing his education.

I am so glad that we finally have time to be together as a family. No more working on weekends or late at night. We can eat dinner together, play games and watch movies. I have more alone time with my husband and our son is thrilled to have his girlfriend and his friends over at our house to play video games or just hang out. How did my life get to be this wonderful and magical?