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About afawkes

Just really sinking my teeth into being a deliberate creator. I have had many great LOA gifts come my way and I keep a journal of them which definitely raises my vibration when I right them all down. They make me smile and smile. There are so many of them that happen almost everyday!

Cantering on the beach

Guenther and I cantered on the beach today with friends from New Hampshire.  It was a gorgeous day, much like a September day, with big puffy clouds in a clear blue sky.  There was a light, refreshing breeze coming off the bay and it smelled so salty, intoxicating.  G was so connected to me the whole time, looking to me for direction and not tuning into the other horses and their energy.  He gave me that lovely rocking horse canter again, which is pure bliss.  It is hard to explain the  joy it brings to me and how free and alive it makes me feel.

When I asked him to slow, he slowed, and after a time we left the beach together, leaving the riders and horses.  He was tired and wanted to head back to the trailer.  When we got back he just dropped his head in my arms and we stayed like that for a long time, still connected and basking in each others company.  He is an amazing horse – I’m very fortunate.

Lovely Cantering Today

Guenther and I had many lovely canters today, on the beach and through the woods.  He goes right into a canter with just a light suggestion or thought from a walk, trot and once during a stand still.  His canter is so lovely to ride, a true rocking horse canter.  It is so naturally collected and feels like we are cantering in place; it’s just pure joy.   He comes down from the canter to whatever gait I hold in my mind; we are truly connected.   He knows how much I love to canter and gives the very best of himself to me and  just writing about it brings tears to my eyes.  I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful, loving animal as my partner.  He is one in a million.  Tomorrow we will be riding with other horses so more to report.