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Why does Wealth and Abundance Flow Freely through me???

Dear Diary

I am so amazed at how my life is unfolding wonderfully for me. Why are things going really well for me? I am sooo very appreciative to now have the money and resources to do what I want when I want with ease. Universe, What are the infinite possibilities of more and more goodness?

Just yesterday I received more than £5000 free and clear. And, it felt so natural and satisfying to receive it. Why does an abundance of money show up in my life with ease??? Experiencing abundance is absolutely wonderfull!!!! What else is possible? There are so many exciting rendezvous that have been happening in my life in a very short period of time. Why am I becoming better and better at allowing? How does it get better than that? Money is coming to me from everywhere big and small, it is like a door was opened and the natural abundance started pouring in and in and in and in………How fabulous is that?

I’ve always been blessed with abundance it just comes natural for me. The avalanche of abundance continues to flow easily into my life regardless of what I do. Why am I now rich beyond my wildest dreams?

I must tell you that its soo much fun having loads of money in my life to spend with joyful ease. I am experiencing life in a new and refreshing way, utter acceptance and acknowledgment that the Universe is taking care of me!! Why does the very best always come to me? What else is possible?

Why do I Love My Mailbox????

Dear Diary

Why is my mailbox always and only filled with good news daily??? Yes!! I am sooo enthusiastic about how easy it is for me to happily and joyfully collect my mail daily.  Wow!!! I do love my mailbox! I am always filled with happiness and excitement when opening my mail because it always always contains good news and good things. How wonderful is that??? For a long time, my habit has been to feel lighthearted, joyful and excited when retrieiving my mail.

My life feels soo easy and fun now!!!!  How does it get even better and better than that? Each day I go to my mailbox feeling really happy and excited absolutely looking forward to all the goodies that are waiting for me. And guess what?? Prosperity floods my mailbox and all areas of my life in all forms from envelopes with large wads of cash, large  amount cheques, free gifts, refunds, vouchers, bank credits etc etc I love it!!! What else is possible?