Amazing July!!

OMG it’s been an AMAZING month – I KNEW I was in for a brilliant ride even before Jeannette’s Money Mojo course started, and that was the understatement of the century. Truly!

It was theoretically about improving my money vibe but of course it flowed to everything. My work, my writing, my relationships, my body, EVERYTHING!  My feet have hardly touched the ground since the beginning of the month and I’m surrounded now by people with so much positive energy I feel like we could collectively power a large city!

And yet, despite all that excitement, I have the most incredible inner serenity and peace. My friends think I’m crazy excited, and at one level I am – but deep inside where they can’t see, I am hugging myself with the kind of secret, deep joy that is so profound it can’t be expressed.

Mmmmm…. bliss.

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