A Second Chance to Shine !!

I was meditating yesterday on just how I can put to good use all of the wealth that has been streaming into my life. Since I already give to very worthwhile charitable foundations I feel I need to do something to better myself. There is something that I have been a little apprehensive about doing and I think the time to face it is now. I’ve been thinking quite a lot about returning to school. I know that the reasons I have been apprehensive about it is because I didn’t do well the first time I went to college and it is something that has haunted me over the years. Not in the job market as you might think, but literally in my dreams. Recurring themes in my dreams about failing in school have plagued me at odd times over the past 20+ years. Not necessarily nightmares but, just waking up feeling like I let myself down. So I’m going to give it a shot again. I have matured a great deal since those days and if I put my mind to it, I believe that I can really do well in school and heal myself further by facing those subconscious fears head on. Since I now have the means to do anything I want and have shared so much of what I have well, lets just say I’m going put a little time and money into furthering my own education and expanding my mind in a way that will be of benefit to me and my apparently wounded soul. I am thankful for all of the money, wealth, love and abundance the universe has blessed me with !!

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