A Day Well Lived

Another day well lived as the sun scatters peach and rose rays across the sky and the moon rises in her glory

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About Pure Potential

Using the energy alignment of Reiki and techniques from Martha Beck, Byron Katie's The Work and Jon Kabat-Zinn, you can open up your potential for happiness and joy in life. By dissolving limiting thoughts and beliefs, your time with me will free you to fully embrace the best in your life. Each session begins with an assessment of energy levels and where body energy is trapped or stagnant. Once areas of limitation are identified, we will dive in and dissolve, dissolve, dissolve, One session will enable you to employ the basic techniques for a joyous life.

2 thoughts on “A Day Well Lived

  1. AvatarDebra

    Mmmm…this is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for painting such a glorious image across the sky of my mind’s eye!


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