considering how fabulously effing fantastic it’s all turned out, I don’t know why I even mention it. It’s so funny how things work out even better than you thought they would. I was bummed out when I found out that the client hired a different artist, and the job I thought I had fell through. But a part of me knew that all was working out for the best, and OMG has it ever!!
First thing, I ended up being in the studio on Tuesday. The day that JB had asked last minute if he could come over and use my shower. THANK GOD, because he took a casual look in my studio and was really impressed. AND without telling me he later told Fabiene to come take a look, and SHE gave me a SOLO SHOW on the SPOT!
wow, I am so glad all that craziness happened with the jobs falling through on Tuesday. funny how divine intervention works!!!

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