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What Is Pray Rain Blogging?

Based on Pray Rain Journaling, this is your online space to write about what you want as if it already were. A powerful way to activate the vibe, forgetting “reality” to feel your dream true NOW is how you let magic and miracles in!

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  • the universe has favored me

    I woke up this morning and had an epiphany I am a wonderfully manifesting, successful, health, beautiful woman with an amazing loving attentive handsome husband and four wonderfully talented kids who amaze me with there intelligence every time I turn around we have a great connection and a loving family bond we all recently bought our dream 5 bedroom 4 bathroom 2,700 square foot home on 1 acre of land with a backyard retreat and  spectacular cascading swimming pool, the kitchen oh my lord amazing, i finally chose a location to set up business and i have all the décor and equipment together and my online sales for my other business are through the roof we have created a lavish and luxurious life and i am truly blessed, ready and open to the great things the universe has provided for me and will continue to provide.

    I increase the vibration of my energy to extend out  to you all manifesting your dreams and desires so that your vibe may increase and get stronger to open you up to achieve your dreams. a group energy is a powerful energy please extend it back fellow creators.

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  • I Love How I Feel

    I love how I feel when he’s around. I love that feeling of warmth next to my body, his arms around me, and gentle caresses on my soft, baby skin. His fingers are so soft and sexy. I love how sexy I feel with him! I feel so good and alive with excitement everytime he visits. And when he calls, I feel so excited and happy to hear from him! I love how I feel loved. I know I’m loved and I deserve love but I love how I feel so special with him! I love feeling like I’m falling in love for the first time – every moment we’re together.

    When I’m with him, he makes me feel like I’m the most important person in the world. I love how we laugh a lot, too! I love how much FUN we’re having! I love having fun! I love our life together! I love dancing for hours on end to music we’re listening to and to just songs that we both sing together…I love our romantic walks along the boardwalk, our spontaneous trips to Iowa Hawkeye sport events (hee hee) and how he supports my passion for my Hawkeyes, too! I love his support and I love supporting him, too.

    I love how free I feel in his presence. I love how freeing our love feels – that we are each free to be ourselves: no matter what. I just love how comfortable we are with each other.

    I love our dates, our date nights and our times when we just stay at home. I love his little surprise gifts, cards, calls and all these special little things he does to make me feel special. And I really love our sex! It is sizzling HOT! I love how it’s exciting and how we grow with each other in experimenting together, very comfortably. I love our connection. I just love the steamy intimacy we share together. I love our emotional connection. I love our energy! I love everything about this relationship! I love how special he is! I love our love. I love being in love with him and I love how I can BE love. Period!

    I am so in love I’m bursting at the seams! My wish is that everyone experience this kind of feeling! I love my life, I love him, I love me, I love everything that has manifested for us and between us, and I just love how I feel in his presence! Yes, this is the way to enJOY life! I love how I feel! I so appreciate this love.

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  • My Prayers Now Answered!

    It is absolutely wonderful! I have now manifested £10,000.00, which has come to me in such a wonderful and magical way! This is absolutely awesome! I am singing and dancing and jumping for joy! My Cosmic Order for this money has been delivered in perfect time for what I need it for. Yes….my prayers have been answered! I am so grateful for this! I give thanks for the abundance that is mine now, and gratefully accept even more abundance that is being showered upon me now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  • Thank you Universe for the blessings and…

    Thank you Universe for the blessings and being so good to me. The past few days have been lovely. I’ve felt content and at peace in my little bubble, as my aunt calls it. Spending time with my husband and our boy at home, cuddling, singing, cooking, acting silly, etc. My phone has been off and I welcomed the silence, a break from the intrusion of the outside world. My mother stopped by yesterday for a little bit to see the babe and shower him with kisses. She was on her way to work. Since my win, her worries….financial anyway, are few. She mentioned not working but so far she’s still going. I know she plans on redoing the kitchen at least. My aunt also dropped by. She “scolded” me for hibernating, for being too comfortable inside the bubble with my little family. I smirked and shrugged. We went out for Dunkin Donuts. We could have taken the 2014 ford focus st. Cute sporty little thing that I knew she’d like. Couldn’t convince her to get a different color though. Red as usual. I felt like walking. I bundled up my little lamb and we walked. Hubby had left already for the store, he planned on making dinner. His flu seemed to have flown. I looked out for some theraflu for him anyways. No luck. Gotta keep it in the front of my mind/heart to express my love, appreciation, support and gratitude for him/to him. He accepts my little quirks although I know they bug him. He’s been in the house with us for several days, and not just because he was sick. This says alot since hubby is very much a social butterfly and appears to need lots of stimulation, sights, sounds, movement. It tends to drive him bananas being cooped up for too long but here he was at home and I was content. Also grateful that the Universe has provided financial abundance to an amazingly awesome degree. This goes beyond simply being able to afford the cars, condos, houses, trips, etc for myself and family but appreciative of the time with each other the freedom of money allows us to have. Aunty and I hit the elevator and travel down to the lobby. We pass the security personnel and I speak briefly to them. Usually I head left for the garage. Eager to step inside my Souped up mustang, push the start and hit the gas. Feeling invincible and unstoppable within its jet black interior but my vibe is more subdued so I go with it. One foot in front of the other, off to the store. Today, I just feel like Tee. Hair done but in a cute ponytail, pedicure, manicure, fitted jogging suit to show off some of the work I’ve done at the gym.

    Aunty prattles on about my hiding again. Not letting the world in or more importantly not seeing the world. Not seeming to fully enjoy what I’ve been blessed with. I am enjoying it, I’m still getting use to it. Skeptical of a few things/people because of my new fortune. Moving slowly, taking it in. I am happy.

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  • Today is the type of day that I love. It…

    Today is the type of day that I love. It’s almost perfect. I’m sitting in our den with the fireplace on but with the flames on the low side. Enjoying a cup of tea, playing music on my Ipod while watching our son sleep cozily nearby in his pack and play. Our son is beautiful, blessed and healthy. We love him so much. My husband is in the living room with the flu unfortunately. Dozing off and on, surrounded by fluffy comforters, stretched out on our 12 piece black leather sectional. If it weren’t for the occasional rise and fall of the blankets or a sniffle or 2, I wouldn’t know he was there. Baseball game broadcasting loudly from the 82 inch plasma TV. Even though its been months since its been purchased, I still feel weird about having a TV that large but I’m happy. We’re happy. I tell Mr. Man to go upstairs to the bedroom where he might be more comfortable, where he can stretch out on the King Sized bed. Of course he says No, he’s ok where he is. I think he likes being downstairs with his family near. He also enjoys being near the kitchen where he can rummage for snack after snack. What a difference a win makes! I am grateful for the weight that has been lifted. Now I can stay home with our son. Mr. Man doesn’t have to ever worry about working but I know that he still will. I’ll still put in some work with Chris because it provides me with a challenge. I love the high rise that we live in, I love the views overlooking the city. I love that we have around-the-clock security, I love that we have our own floor as well. So much gratitude, appreciation and love! My son coos sleepily from his pack and play. I stare at him again in love and wonderment. Love the little guy. I love the big guy too. I cuddle with my hubby so that he doesn’t feel left out. His body temperature is hot but he welcomes the attention even in his half asleep state. We wrap arms and legs around each other for a few minutes before we let each other go. No need for both of us to be sick. I head to the kitchen in search of theraflu.

    I’m still trying to get the hang of all of the cabinets, nooks and crannies of the kitchen and its layout. Always wanted a beautiful kitchen which would inspire me to cook, but right now I’ll settle for just being able to find what I’m looking for. I hear a subtle noise and realize that its drizzling outside.

    I watch the raindrops as I set up the coffee/tea machine to get the hot water going for my hubby’s drink. I think on how so many things have changed over the past few weeks. Winning this insane amount of money, marrying my high school sweetheart, and us loving each other and enjoying the good life! more to come <3

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32 thoughts on “Pray Rain Blogging

  1. AvatarJacqueline H P

    Life has rally been good to me once I saw how much power I had over my own reality. The Universe truly has my back. Car Service repair quoted at $480.00 only cost me $300.00. Thank you Universe for gifting me abundance and showing me all the positive things to focus on.

  2. AvatarJCP

    Every day gets better and better. My son has started his final semester of college and with the money we saved on tuition this year, I invested in myself and I have my smile back. I am thriving at work and feeling happier and healthier . I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life. Money is flowing to me. I direct my thoughts in a way that best serves me. Prosperity is drawn to me. I am peaceful and content and my success is inevitable. Every cell in my body is thriving. I am grateful for the love that is around me. I am a magnet for positive outcomes. When I want something, it is a done deal. I live in easy world and the Universe has my back.

  3. AvatarJHP 716

    Thank you Universe. I am so grateful for this beautiful fall day. I am thankful for the daily blessings in my life. I am happy, healthy, and financially secure. I am beyond grateful for the resolution on my sons college aid for his final year of college. I am thankful for my new dentist and my beautiful new smile. I am thankful for the ease at which my problems resolve themselves and continue to work out in my favor. I am grateful for my children and the happiness in both of their lives. I am thankful that I am in control of my life and I have guidance from the universe and I have learned to find the blessings that surround me daily. I am very content and happy and I have met a great guy, who I feel like was sent directly to me and I am enjoying this new chapter with a renewed confidence in myself.

  4. AvatarPickaj

    The divine Universe has reminded me that I create my reality. Ask and it is given. I am grateful for your guidance. I am thankful for the blessings. My sons financial aid not only got straightened out, but the school adjusted the balance owed and reinstated an award to him. Thank you for this blessing. Thank you for guiding me and for reminding me of all the blessings in my life. There is so much to be grateful for and letting go of fear and reminding myself it always works out, Was enough to allow it to work out. Things keep getting better & better and I’m so thankful for the constant blessings

  5. AvatarJHP

    Life is always working out for me. I missed a major deadline for my sons college aid and the Universe came through again. I got an email from his school today with the adjusted bill, and it is even lower than last year!! I have come to expect the Universe to take care of anything with contrast that needs a magical solution. I am grateful for the continued blessings

  6. AvatarJp

    Thank you Universe! I had a great 40th Birthday. And I am so happy to enjoy my finished basement again! I enjoy Rain again and the beautiful smell of my repaired basement. Thank you for delivering the greatest gift and for the continued abundance and blessings

  7. AvatarJaci

    Life is amazing. I am doing great at work. I was able to resolve a very difficult claimants prescription issue today. I feel a lot better now and have much more confidence. Everyday is getting better and better. Thank you Universe for your guidance and the daily blessings and gifts of abundance.

  8. AvatarJaci

    Thank you Universe for helping me stay positive during Coronavirus lockdown. I am so grateful for your daily blessings and gifts of abundance. I have been given an opportunity at work, which I felt conflicted about, but now see was a gift and has proved to be an opportunity to shine and develop my professional relationship with my new boss. I am thankful and grateful for your guidance and blessings

  9. AvatarJaci

    Thank You Universe! I took my car in to get fixed and it feels better than ever. It cost way less than I anticipated and I am so thankful for your support and blessings. Life is great!

  10. AvatarJaci

    Universe, thank you for the continued blessings. Everyday life gets better and better. I am surrounded by abundance in all areas of my life and have become confident in my self again. I have found enjoyment again. My boyfriend shows me a love that I didn’t believe in and I am happy again

  11. AvatarJacqueline Pickard

    Thank you Universe! My son got the job with the NHL!! I am so excited for him! Thank you for the blessings!

  12. AvatarDanielle

    Dear universe, I am so deeply grateful for this beautiful life. I have been blessed with financial freedom and the ability to pay off all outstanding debts. My family is strong and healthy. I am in the best shape of my life. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dream of being a life coach and writing. I help people and change lives every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for enough money to give and give often. I support my family easily and without worry. We are able to travel and see the world. I am so deeply grateful!!! THANK YOU

  13. AvatarJackie

    Universe thank you for the abundance and blessings ❤️ Jared was offered a returning position for the Sabres for next season! Nothing makes him happier. We are so proud and blessed

  14. AvatarJacqueline Pickard

    Thank you Universe! The surprise party for my sister was beyond perfect! She had no idea and she was so so happy! The weather cooperated and I’m so thankful for Universes assistance with that! Blessed be

  15. AvatarJacqueline Pickard

    Universe you are amazing!! My son, Preston Pickard, won the Niagara Regional Spelling Bee today for the 5th grade! 2019 is our year! Thank you for the guidance, blessings, and abundance

  16. AvatarTiny B

    This relationship has progressed so well and so smoothly — well there have been fights but we seem to enjoy that somehow, lol. We entered this relationship with the intention of making it work in the long run. And that’s what we’re doing. PCD predicted certain dates… and we’re abiding to it. He’s just sitting and planning the accommodation, college and the other work for me to do in the coming weeks/months. We’re doing a great job with organising. Remembering how he tells me about our airport breakfast— we are experiencing it elaborately these days. And we’re chalking out plans to keep doing that for the years to come.

  17. AvatarJackie H Pickard

    Thank you Universe. My son had missed his scholarship acceptance deadline to sign the scholarship contract and we just received an email that they reinstated it. What a huge blessing and great way to start the New Year. We are so grateful for the abundant blessings in our life

  18. AvatarNikki

    I am absolutely and inexplicably overwhelmed with happy. It’s a deep-seated feeling of satisfaction, ease and a dulce dé leche sweetness that before now, I didn’t know was possible. The most incredible thing about this feeling is that it’s unconditional; I create it apart from any “thing” or “person”. Even more beautiful is that the sweetest things and persons all come to me, validating my happy. Only tears have the language to properly express my heart; words are too frail.

  19. AvatarAllen

    Hawaii. Such a place of immense healing. Kauai is my favorite. I came here for the expressed purpose of finding that healing, that much-needed peace of mind after the recent passing of my beloved wife of 11 years. The sight and the sound and the smell of the deep blue of the Pacific ocean is cleansing and renewing. I couldn’t have attained this level of healing if I would have stayed out there, on the East coast. Too many ghosts. Too many memories, all yammering and clamoring for their share of attention, leaving me with no room for my heart to heal. I like it here, on the coast of Kauai so much more. It’s quieter. It’s more peaceful. Life is slower, and I can take the time to look more closely at my wounds, my loneliness, and speak with God, to tell him with a better idea: “This is where it hurts the most, inside, Lord.” I think I’ll be here for the rest of my days! I still have a lot of living to do, and I can do it better here, once the pain is finished healing and all the ghosts are put to rest…thank you God, for bringing me here, to Kauai. Thank you for hearing me

  20. AvatarDenise

    My perfect day of magic

    I am so excited and bursting with gratitude as today in perfect timing my $10,000.00 has shown up and what a magical experience it was at first i started dancing around then i counted it and smelled it then i cried a flood of tears of joy Thank you so much Universe I am so grateful for my many blessings I am truly the money magnet I have aspired to be for so long!

  21. AvatarDorothy Johnson

    Every time I think about the miraclous way my Mom health improved, I can only say THANK YOU GOD, over and over again. The gratitude I feel for this answered prayer is beyond words of how I feel. It is truly a miracle, she is walking without any aid of a cane, walker or person. Her vital signs are off the chart, just perfect for a 90 year old lady. Thank you Great Mighty I AM Presence for answering my call.

  22. AvatarDorothy Johnson

    I just love this view. I could literally sat here hours on end and never get tired of looking out of my 3500 square feet condo overlooking the muddy Mississippi river. I love living downtown and now that my dreams are a reality I can only cry in awe and wonder of how the universe truly responded to my call. There is so much peace and tranquility in place. My home is warm and comfortable, tastily decorated, beautiful patio with enclosed bay windows in both living room and master bedroom. Oh!!my the master bedroom and bath suite is so hugh alot more than I could have imagined. Just simply lovely and so ME.

  23. AvatarDorothy Johnson

    Great wow wonderful yeah is the joyous feeling I am having now because the reality of what I knew and felt all alone that I AM A PERFECT 300 score bowler consistently every time I bowled came to past. I am now wearing the beautiful diamond ring proving to myself and others that the great mighty I AM Presence in me is one with me. There is nothing I can’t do, there is nothing I can’t have, there is no power I don’t have, there is nothing too hard for me and there is nothing impossible for me is my daily mantra. I love this victorious, happy and joyous feeling.

  24. AvatarVijaydeep

    I’m living the good life! Thank you universe for blessing me with perfect health and abundance in every aspect of my life. My world is so peaceful and beautiful. There is happiness all around. The love of my life, my wife is with me and enjoying every moment exploring all the exotic places on this planet alongwith our daughter. We’re experiencing complete bliss. It’s so exciting learning new things every moment and it feels great to have such wonderful friends around. It feels great to share my learnings with schools and to see the students excel in their academic pursuits. My brand new house on the mountain top is very comfortable and I love to work on the manicured lawns on the one acre mountain top land where my house is. I love my golden retriever and he just loves to be with me, my beautiful wife and loving daughter. The frequent rides we’ve down the countryside in our new suv with soothing music on is so relaxing. The organic farming project I’ve undertaken is very successful and the farmers are super excited and so are the communities where the product is sold and the demand just keeps growing. I love you life…I love you God…Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!

  25. AvatarJaz

    This is so amazing! my music career is so great! I am hitting high notes that i never hit before. The piano is a lot easier to learn. I have even been making really awsome youtube covers. I have 1 million subscribers for my youtube channel. I love music and I love making music.
    This is so freaking amazing!

  26. AvatarCheesers

    I can’t tell you how thrilled and how absolutely grateful I am to report that my ex (well not ex anymore, I guess!) and I were able to work things out and FINALLY be together again after breaking up and seeing each other off and on for six months. I mean we’ve always both maintained that we love each other but we just couldn’t seem to get it together and make it work. We both had so many issues to work through and so many hurts to forgive. Anyway, he recently told me that he’s finally ready to make a commitment and then a few days later he moved in with me! I missed sleeping next to him every night with his arms wrapped around me. It is the best feeling in the world. It makes me feel so safe and so loved. I could literally just lay in his arms forever. It was a long 6 mos but despite everything we’ve been through, we’ve come out the other end on top. I now look at it as a blessing in disguise. It sucked at the time but it has made us appreciate each other that much more and he shows me every day how much he loves and appreciates me. He bought me flowers! I think that’s the first time he’s ever bought me anything other than a dinner or a beer here and there. The other day I caught him bragging about me to his friends on social media. He’s so proud to be my man and I could not be prouder to be his woman. I am so lucky and I think he finally realizes how lucky his is too. He even stuck up for me when his older sister made some not-so-nice comments about me. He says she will come around to eventually accepting the relationship and even if she doesn’t, he doesn’t care. The rest of his family loves me and she’s the black sheep anyway so it really is no sweat. I’m just glad I have his love and commitment again. I missed it so much. I am forever grateful for that.

  27. AvatarNONA

    I just heard my song play on 106.7 and 98.7 at the same time this evening. Crazy. It is surreal to know that my song is playing to millions of people. My video for that song is now at 1.3 million views and it is selling like crazy on iTunes. I really really love that song, it is so chill and has such a lovely vibe. I’m glad people are picking up what I’m putting down! So glad to know my album is going to be released soon. I am so thankful that I got more than enough help, support, resources, and Universe’s guidance in getting this album up and going, It feels really good to make music and share it and know that the vibes are being loved!

    Gonna go rock climb tomorrow morning with my buds to get all this extra energy out!

  28. AvatarMargarita Ansberry ( Daisy Anne Rose)

    My new place of living is so beautiful. It is a peaceful, friendly safe-haven. I feel so alive and motivated to participate in Life. So curious – what is next? So many thanks for feeling so whole and complete and healthy. So grateful for feeling so supported in everything, so nurtured – exactly what I asked for. I am having so much money and helpful resources come to me – exactly what I needed and also asked for. My daughter is here! So silly and lighthearted. There is just so much grace – no place, nook, or corner left at all for anything undesirable to be left over. Everything is not only new but abundantly and pleasantly thriving! Our family is so loving and peaceful, a safe haven for our bodies, emotions, souls, and spirits. I feel like we are surrounded by a luminous, rare, sparkling diamond. I feel like we walk on gold. I feel like the Creator smiles extra wide upon Us. Thank you. 🙂

  29. AvatarCharlotte

    Wow! I am positively giddy. Years ago, began my LAO study. And everyday, it is getting better since. When I think back now, I realize how oddly amazing that I have been seeking the LOA lifestyle my whole life. At one time, I called it eternal optimism and even ADHD! Haha! But my internal and external foraging has payed off- in really amazing ways!
    I am living a wonderful life- better than I can put into words! Thank you Heaven for being all over my life. My love life is better than any ideal I could ever muster. My love life is beautiful, fulfilling, sweet, and mutually all of these things and more! I really enjoy being married to my wonderful husband! I am thankful for my husband every day- every moment. When we share that each other and our marriage- our best friendship is the best thing we have (besides our relationship with the amazing Cosmos that got us here), it’s like rainbows come out! It’s like the sun shines brighter and everything is more wonderful. Our love energy is good for those around us and that means that it is good for the All. And since being a healer in some capacity is so important to me- Hallelujah! My friend, years ago, told me that it takes two people to be in love. Well, my husband and I are really in love with each other, with “us,” and with the Divine Benevolence that brought us together. I could go on and on about how thankful I am to be sharing a long, joyous, delightful, and blissful marriage to this man, the love of my life and the truly ideal and perfect man for me. I am so glad to be here now, with him. He’s lovely! 🙂 <3

  30. Avatarjames

    oh my effing god. I have the coolest laptop! its called the origin EON 17-SLX 2014, and it is amazing. I can do somany cool things on this laptop that I couldn’t before! I can type up my fiction(which people are adoring!), I can do a lp channel now!(my account is “crippledplayer”, its a youtube channel! I just feel so lucky and fortunate that I have access to so many different things now! I feel like the girl in the move “annie”! that’s how lucky I feel! I just asked Jeanette if I can do a blog post about my amazing achievement, hopefully she’ll say yes. I just feel so good now because it’s actually confirmed to me that the law of attraction is real! YYYYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!


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