Pray Rain Blogging

What Is Pray Rain Blogging?

Based on Pray Rain Journaling, this is your online space to write about what you want as if it already were. A powerful way to activate the vibe, forgetting “reality” to feel your dream true NOW is how you let magic and miracles in!

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Here’s How to Make Your Entry:

Start by commenting below to join the party. No explanations, no backstory, just forget about what is and have fun writing about what you want as if it already were!

Happy unfoldings await!


2 thoughts on “Pray Rain Blogging

  1. Charlotte

    Wow! I am positively giddy. Years ago, began my LAO study. And everyday, it is getting better since. When I think back now, I realize how oddly amazing that I have been seeking the LOA lifestyle my whole life. At one time, I called it eternal optimism and even ADHD! Haha! But my internal and external foraging has payed off- in really amazing ways!
    I am living a wonderful life- better than I can put into words! Thank you Heaven for being all over my life. My love life is better than any ideal I could ever muster. My love life is beautiful, fulfilling, sweet, and mutually all of these things and more! I really enjoy being married to my wonderful husband! I am thankful for my husband every day- every moment. When we share that each other and our marriage- our best friendship is the best thing we have (besides our relationship with the amazing Cosmos that got us here), it’s like rainbows come out! It’s like the sun shines brighter and everything is more wonderful. Our love energy is good for those around us and that means that it is good for the All. And since being a healer in some capacity is so important to me- Hallelujah! My friend, years ago, told me that it takes two people to be in love. Well, my husband and I are really in love with each other, with “us,” and with the Divine Benevolence that brought us together. I could go on and on about how thankful I am to be sharing a long, joyous, delightful, and blissful marriage to this man, the love of my life and the truly ideal and perfect man for me. I am so glad to be here now, with him. He’s lovely! :) <3

  2. james

    oh my effing god. I have the coolest laptop! its called the origin EON 17-SLX 2014, and it is amazing. I can do somany cool things on this laptop that I couldn’t before! I can type up my fiction(which people are adoring!), I can do a lp channel now!(my account is “crippledplayer”, its a youtube channel! I just feel so lucky and fortunate that I have access to so many different things now! I feel like the girl in the move “annie”! that’s how lucky I feel! I just asked Jeanette if I can do a blog post about my amazing achievement, hopefully she’ll say yes. I just feel so good now because it’s actually confirmed to me that the law of attraction is real! YYYYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!


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